CALMI - Anterolateral Calcaneus Locking Plate

The Anterolateral Calcaneus Locking Plate is a proven osteosynthesis system for various calcaneus fractures. The special feature of this implant is the free choice of screw placement. The user is able to set any desired screw in any hole.The plate design enables a variety of fixation points especially for the support of the subchondral articular surface (either locking or non-locking screw).The free choice of screw angulation (+/- 15°) provides an advantage in fracture treatment, especially in the case of complex fractures.

  • Multi-directional Locking
  • Anatomical plate design
  • Short plate version located directly under the subtalar joint (small and large)
  • Long plate version located directly under the subtalar joint with an extension to posterior tubercle (small and large)
  • Plate insertion through a sinus tarsi incision
  • Multiple proximal plate holes to gain proper fixation in the sustentaculum tali

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