ITS.   Implants For Trauma Surgery

About ITS.

ITS. stands for Implants for Trauma Surgery and constantly strives towards its vision to provide superior surgical treatments with a priority on patient care. We work very closely with surgeons to design trauma implants and instruments that share a common philosophy: Easy To Use, Shorter Operation Time and Faster Healing.

ITS. Manufacturing
ITS. Manufacturing

As of October 2018, ITS. is now part of a group of companies that includes production facilities. This new ownership and reorganization of the company has brought us to our own in-house manufacturing plant that allows for increased inventory production, faster prototyping for new products, and an accelerated to-market business plan. We engineer, test, prototype and execute serial production at our own plant in Leoben, Austria.

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Quality Assurance

ITS. Values

Established in 1997 we at ITS. today are a team of specialists known for fast development and personal interaction with our customers and designing surgeons. The main target of all of us is enhancing known operational methods and implants made in Austria.

Out of our Austrian headquarter we are exporting globally. Trustworthy relationships with customers, suppliers, designers and the 24/7 service we guarantee fast support in every situation.


The long-lasting relationships we establish with our partners guarantee consistent quality. We apply only the highest standards to consistently develop high-end products.


With our national and international partnerships we are able to take the best ideas from around the world to customize products to benefit patients worldwide.


We respond to the needs of our customers on an individually level. Our rapid production time from idea to implant enables us to bring new and unique products to market while others are still in the development stages.

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