TOS - Twist-Off Screws

The ITS. Twist-Off Screw with different diameters and lengths covering a wide range of indications for fracture treatment in orthopedic trauma.The surgical technique requires only one forceps, which facilitates the fixation of bone fragments and the accurate measuring off the required screw length.The shank breaks off at specific torque due to a special shear off geometry.

  • Self-drilling & self-tapping
  • Special shear off geometry facilitates a smooth break between shaft and screw at specific torque
  • Diameter 2.0mm and 2.7mm
  • Forceps enables fixation of bone fragments as well as accurate measuring off the required screw length
  • Clamping of the screw directly in the machine with wire attachement
  • Fast and stable fixation
  • Final insertion with specially adapted screwdriver

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