FLS - Foot Locking Plates System

The FLS - Foot Locking System from I.T.S. is a proven osteosynthesis system with various plate types covering a wide range of indications for fractures of the foot.The special feature of these implants is the free choice of screw placement.The user is able to set any desired screw in any hole either locking or non-locking screw (except in the compression hole).The free choice of screw angulation (+/- 15°) provides an advantage in fracture treatment, especially in the case of complex fractures.

  • Multidirectional locking
  • Anatomical plate design
  • Minimization of soft tissue irritation due to anatomical plate design
  • K-Wire holes for preliminary plate fixation
  • FLS Plate Straight, Square, L-Shape, L-Shape Extended, L-Shape Extended 1mm Step,
    MTP, T-Shape: Sliding hole with compression option (to create tension)

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